Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Favorite Retailer

My favorite retailer although it may be a bit cliché it would have to be FOREVER 21. I enjoy being able to go to one store and purchasing an entire outfit complete with matching jewelry. They also offer the most current up to date styles and fashions for an affordable price. FOREVER 21 also offer other brands made by the same company such as HERITAGE 1981, and Twelve by Twelve. Each different brand has its own look and style too it. HERITAGE 1981 has more of a bohemian style to it for a free spirited person who likes flowy clothing. Twelve by Twelve offers a modern twist to 50’s inspired clothing. It also offers more clothing to be worn for dressy occasions, with much of the clothing made out of satin material. Another reason I love FOREVER 21 is because of the wonderful prices. They have the best clothing for the price compared to similar retailers like Charlotte Russe or Wet Seal. The last reason FOREVER 21 is my favorite retailer is because I like their return policy, it's that if you purchase something and want to bring it back you can get a store credit or an exchange.