Monday, October 27, 2008

Art or Usability and Milan Fashion Week

Those who do not know about or study fashion may consider the Milan Fashion week just a work of art. The Milan fashions are very extravagent, wild and crazy. I think that fashion is both artwork and usable. The fashions from many of the Milan shows have very colorful designs with big hair. The artwork of the designs is how they are put together and how they can create such large hair and all the many shapes on the clothing. The usability of the designs is that the big hair style is making a come back, and that many read to wear clothing is going to consist of many shapes and bright colors. The height of the heels that were worn represented architecture and the structure of buildings. The artwork of the heels is the proportion of how the heels are wearable at such an extreme height. The usability of the heels is that it can give the illusion of lengthening the leg even more. Here are some examples of the high, high heels and some of the

Friday, October 3, 2008

My inspiration

My inspiration for my dress came from whenever I would go prom dress shopping in high school I could never find a dress I truly loved. I always wanted to find a short red dress. The red dress would have popped on the dance floor and could have been so fun to wear. Now I designed this dress for semi-formal. I also got inspiration from Hillary Swank's 2005 Oscar gown designed by Guy Laroche. I loved how elegant the gown looked with the high collar and the extreme "v" back. I choose to emulate the plunging back to give the dress a sexy appeal without if being skimpy. I used a heart shaped bustline to give the dress a soft innocent look. The top of the dress is very form fitting and snug around the body. The skirt part of dress is going to be flowy and flirty so you can dance in it. The material is going to be satin, but not stiff. The dark red band underneath the bustline and edging the back plung has crystal jewels on it to embellish the dress and give it an extra touch of elegance.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ethnic Influences

Ethnic influences on Amercian fashion was seen alot this season. Alot of jewelry was big and chunky bangle bracelets. Lots of beading, embelishment and natural toned patterns. Animal print is really poplular and it comes from African influences. Also the fabrics have been influenced. Linen has become popular because of the lightness and comfort, it is p0robably influenced by hot climated cultures. Gwen Stefani's, Harajuku girls have also influenced American culture. These Harajuku girls wear clothing that is influenced by Japanese cartoon characters, the clothing is a fun, funky, and fresh trend ( In Alexander McQueen's collection he had silk head scarves wrapped around the models heads. It was a modern, hip, way to show a muslim interpretation on fashion. ( Now in America you can see scarves being worn by hip, stylish women. Sarongs worn by many people at the beach were influenced by Indonesian women. "The Indonesian sarong and the way to wrap skirts around the waist were also frequently adopted in modern fashion." ( I think that because designers and marketers go to many different ethnic cultures to get ideas that of course in American collections there will some type of ethnic flare.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Organic Clohing

So the new thing in fashion is clothing and materials geared toward the "Go Green" movement. Clothing can be made out of organic materials like bamboo fibers, organic cotton, hemp, soy, and natural fibers. There is also environmentally friendly clothing such as biodegradable products, and fibers made from recycled items. The bamboo clothing is made from fibers of bamboo grass. This resource is very “green” because bamboo is one of renewable resources on the planet( Organic cotton is a lot better for the environment because it does not use insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. ( Hemp clothing uses the cellulose fiber from the hemp plant to create many products ( The hemp plants require very little water and help renew the topsoil (
These environmentally friendly clothes are still very fashionable. They can be worn as evening wear, casual clothing, and lounge wear. I really love how the fashion industry is supporting the eco-friendly movement. The fashions can really help the environment because if the fashion trend is to wear clothing made out of organic products then that is what the “new it thing” is.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the two men who create my favorite designer line. The two met in Milan in 1980 while working as assitants. They presented their first women's ready to wear line in 1986, soon after the line started creating knitwear, beachwear, lingerie and accessories, men's wear and fragrances. Their designs have fun, classic uses of color. It has a nice fitting line and can make a girl feel very sophisticated. I also think that Dolce and Gabbana are known for beautiful hand bags. They again use classic, sophisticated colors. I feel like when I hopefully go out into my career I will be able to wear Dolce and Gabbana clothes because they are very professional. The dresses and gowns are always very elegant with a touch of flare. Madonna and Jennifer Lopez also like Dolce and Gabbana. The two singers have a funky yet classy since of style which Dolce and Gabbana can provide. I also love how they designs can also use loud, bright colors. Whatever mood you may be in I feel like Dolce and Gabbana has an outfit or a garment that fits my mood. I really am in love with the 2008/2009 Fall Winter line. I think the lines and colors fit my style, as well as all Dolce and Gabbana lines. I think that Dolce and Gabbana is such a creative line and that is why it is my favorite :)